Our mission statement

Skopós women see and grasp the end mark of their faith.


They understand the importance of seeking God for the purpose they were created for. Skopós women know what they exist for, and are learning to be intentional with what they do and have, and who they are. 


Skopós women think about the future with wisdom, and are assiduous with their trials and triumphs in each day. They are learning to value their place in the world, and realise their importance in the plan of God. They are passionate about God and his children, are interested in the lives of others, and are committed to fostering relationships of fruitfulness.

Women who desire to live a life of purpose rather than passivity. 

Skopós women are committed to growing their trust in God and His vision, and desire to be more like their Saviour. They are cultivating a life of focus, and are developing their God-given gifts and talents to help others. 


Skopós women appreciate the importance of surrender unto The King. They are mothers, wives, sisters, and friends. But mostly, they are daughters – and they are learning what it means to love and be loved by their Father in Heaven.

Help others live their purpose

We believe in equipping everyone to live their purpose, and we are passionate about freeing women stuck in hardship so they can live a life of influence. We are giving $2 from every magazine purchased to A21, a not-for-profit organisation working to abolish slavery and sex-trafficking around the world.