A life of purpose

Skopós encourages, equips, and empowers women to step towards all God has for them – again and again.

Skopós is a magazine for women who want to live a life that makes a difference.


It exists to cultivate and encourage purpose, and empower you to chase your dreams. It invites you to live with intention; to use what you have in your hands, in the season you are in.


You have a purpose that precedes you, and, should you walk in it, will impact many after you.


When you take hold of your purpose and focus on the plan God has for your life, you can accomplish wonderful, exceptional things.

Skopós is a magazine of beautiful features, photographs, and artworks.


It showcases real women who are doing real things – from the small, mundane, every day, to the big we never thought possible.


It tells the raw, honest, and vulnerable stories of women who have been through the valleys and the fire; to the ones who have stood on mountaintops. 

Images shown are mock-ups only. They provide an indication to the look and feel of the magazine. 

You have a story to tell.

Your story is powerful.  

You can show others more about the God you know through the words you write; the photographs you take; the art you make. 

Maybe you've come through the storm a little battered, but alive and victorious. 

Perhaps you're currently in the fire, or in the desert of a long wilderness. 

Maybe you've just climbed a mountain where you'd only ever dreamed of the view – and wow, is it worth it. 

Use what is in your hands in the season you're in. We invite you to share your story with other women who have a whispering desire to live a life bigger than themselves. 

Behind the word skopós

Skopós is a Greek word alluding to purpose.

The literal definition of skopós is a goal or a mark aimed at. It is used in the bible to mean the end marker or goal in the race of faith.



​1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


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